Essential Transportation Services

Essential Services

Essential Transportation Services throughout Tampa, Florida.

Essential Workers: Book private transportation and rest while you can. Leave the driving to us! Call 1-866-276-0882.

Private transportation services have limited contact to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Alora Transportation is adhering to social distancing guidelines as set forth by the CDC and state of Florida. It’s also important to maintain distance between others, and our essential transportation services enable you to work productively within the safety of a sanitized vehicle. Additionally, health checks are being conducted on drivers before they transport passengers anywhere in Tampa.

Our private transportation is ideal for medical and healthcare personnel, as well as those in essential services who work long shifts. Rest while you can, while we do the driving. It’s also perfect for those who may not have access to a car and still need to pick up essentials or get home.

Call 1-866-276-0882 or book online to reserve your essential transportation services with Alora Transportation today!

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